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As part of our dedicated service to our clients, we offer excellent administration services throughout the Netherlands. Our administrators can provide you with a wide range of professional administrative services as well as representation in any accounting matter. Our administrators can provide you with an all-in service for your Dutch corporate accounting and tax returns.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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When foreign entrepreneurs decide to start a new business in the Netherlands, they will inevitably be confronted with Dutch accounting and fiscal regulations. If you are not familiar at all with these laws and regulations, it’s very important to discuss these topics with a specialist in this field. Every company will have slightly different accounting requirements, which is why it’s important that you are well-informed.

Factors to consider as a foreign entrepreneur

Before considering setting up a company in the Netherlands, you should be aware that you will need to adhere to a wide plethora of Dutch tax regulations and laws. Every legal entity has its specific unique requirements, which means you will need to consider what kind of laws you can comply with realistically. Not all companies are required to file a tax return, for example, such as an NGO.

Our finance and tax team is specialized at assisting foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen with their Netherlands businesses. We have assisted hundreds of foreign owned companies with their Dutch accounting. Because of our specialization, we are always up-to-date on the latest international tax and accounting developments that might affect your business.

Our Business Startup Administration Services

  • Advice on accounting in the Netherlands
  • Applying for an Article 23 license (can be beneficial for import- and export companies)
  • Consultation on hiring staff and the Dutch pay rolling requirements (if you hire staff)
  • Informing you on deductible business expenses, and the practicalities of the Dutch accounting system
  • Our firm will be your company’s fiscal representative in a VAT application.

Besides our consultations early on in the company formation process, we can also assist you with the continuous requirements.

Our Continuous Administration Services

Our administration services package ensures you are fully compliant and all requirements have been met.
Consultation on annual numbers
Depositing the annual statement in the company register
Preparing the annual statement
Filing the annual tax return for corporate tax
Receiving your fiscal correspondence as your primary point of contact
Representing your firm with the tax authorities as your fiscal representative
Preparing and filing the quarterly VAT returns (4x per year)

Accounting And Compliance Regulations

In recent years, we have experienced several changes in terms of financial obligation in companies. Under the European influence, we have also experienced new transparent rules for accounting.

Therefore, we need to identify each new client under the Dutch AML regulations.

However, this did not stop us from providing our customers with exceptional service when it comes to their accounting matters. We are passionate about the fight against fraud and as part of our value system we completely support the transparent and honest laws of our country.
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Our Continuous Administration Services

If you start a company in the Netherlands, you will need to be knowledgeable about Dutch administrative requirements and the tax laws in the country. These requirements depend on certain factors, such as the legal entity you choose for your company, the size of your company and whether it’s a corporate structure. When drafting a financial report, this should at the very least contain the following information:

  • A balance sheet
  • The profit and loss account
  • If applicable, notes belonging to the accounts

Especially if you set up a Dutch BV, you will need to take into consideration that you need to prepare yearly financial statements by Dutch law. If your company is operational, you will need to take into account the following:

  • You always need to provide information about possible underlying subsidiaries
  • If there are any loans you took on with your company, you will need to be able to show proper loan agreements including the exact amount of interest you pay
  • If you have any assets that are worth more than 450 euros, these need to be activated on the balance sheet
  • Any abbreviations on assets must be explained

Some Of Our Recent Clients

Intercompany Solutions is a brand that is well-known in the Netherlands as well as abroad as a trusted incorporating agent in the Netherlands. We are constantly looking for opportunities to share our solutions with foreign entrepreneurs.

Why Hire A Professional Administrator

Our tax consultants in The Netherlands can inform you how to register for VAT, and how to operate your company while your registration is still pending. Once you received your VAT number, we will inform you of the Dutch invoice format-requirements, and how you should deal with European and international buyers and suppliers.

Our team is specialized in foreign-owned businesses that operate in the Netherlands, we know the intricate details and complexities that most foreign entrepreneurs will face.

Our services are aimed at companies of every shape and size, provided that you set up a Dutch business. We work with small webshops and large multinationals, offering competitive rates and an efficient process. We are also XERO certified, which is beneficial especially for webshops, since the sharing of financial information is very easy that way. All transactions are swiftly and easily processed, which saves you a lot of work.

Our team of professional administrators can provide you with all legal fiscal and accounting requirements, so you can focus on your core business. It is also up to us to make sure that you are up to date with your accounting at all times and that your accounting documents are legally reviewed and audited at a continuous basis. So you can be sure to have fulfilled all legal obligations.

What are the annual accounting requirements?

The laws in the Netherlands are very specific regarding the annual accounting requirements, which encompass the following:
  • The drafting of your financial statements
  • The filing of your Corporate Income Tax Return
  • You also need to submit your abbreviated statements to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
By hiring an expert you don’t have to worry about these regulations anymore, since we will keep you updated continuously regarding the state of your affairs. Our experts ensure that your Dutch business always operates in compliance with all fiscal and accounting regulations, plus we can advise you on financial possibilities and benefits for your company. Intercompany Solutions uses modern accounting software, providing you with all information such as (annual) reports, underlying invoices and paid expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions
On Accounting

Do I need to have a Dutch director for my Netherlands company’s tax status?

No, around 95% of our clients set up a foreign owned company without a Dutch Director. We have assisted hundreds of foreign business owners with their accounting, in our experience, having or not having a Dutch director has never been a determining factor for any of our clients’ corporate tax status for their company of operations. The general rule, according to the Dutch law of Corporate income tax (Wet Vpb), article 2, section 3 states as follows: ‘’If a company has been formed according to Dutch law, then with regard to the corporate tax …. The corporation is regarded to be resident in the Netherlands.’’ (Updated on: 11-08-2020)

If I don’t have any transactions, why would I need to have accounting services?

In the Netherlands, any existing BV company must file for annual returns, keep an organized accounting, and deposit the annual statement. Even if they do not have any transactions or a VAT number. The Netherlands allowing a dormant company is a common misconception, the Netherlands does NOT recognize ‘dormant companies’.

What is the added value for me to have a Dutch accountant?

Firstly, we will make sure your business stays compliant with the Dutch tax office. Our experience shows that many entrepreneurs who do not take our accounting services with their BV formation package, often end up with additional costs in tax fees for not filing the correct tax returns. Resulting in additional costs and paperwork. Secondly, you can focus on your main business activity without worrying about the Dutch regulations.

Am I, as foreign entrepreneur required to know all accounting and tax requirements in the Netherlands?

No, Intercompany Solutions will make sure you fulfill all requirements. We guarantee that your corporate accounting will be in order. We will handle the filing of your tax returns and performing the annual legal formalities.

What other services do you offer?

We also provide our client with, assisting with appeals, company acquisitions (Share transfers, mergers and acquisitions), consolidation of accounting of small groups, corrections of tax returns, performing a final tax return and annual statement in case of closing the company, preparing balance sheets and income statements, requesting a fiscal opinion and writing any appeal or correspondence to the Tax Office.

What is the benefit of having ICS request a VAT number for my firm?

We are specialized in exactly these matters for foreign businessmen. Because of this your success rate will be much higher and the process will be much smoother using our accounting services.

About Intercompany Solutions

Intercompany Solutions has already assisted hundreds of companies with the entire process of doing business in the Netherlands. This includes a wide array of administrative and financial services from A to Z. We have a clear understanding of all the various industries in the country, including all relevant fiscal and tax requirements to adhere to. We also can assist with the following matters:
  • Application of VAT & EORI Number
  • ​Checking a VAT Number
  • ​​Dutch Substance Requirements
  • How you can claim back paid VAT
  • ​The requirements for Dutch invoices
  • Finding out whether your Dutch company is a tax resident
  • ​Processing EU Transactions in VAT Return
  • ​ABC Transactions
  • Providing information about administrative and audit requirements
  • Tax Liabilities For Residents & Non-Residents
  • ​Inform you about all deductible expenses
  • We can prepare financial statements for you

We can also assist you with other matters

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Contact us today to speak with a professional administrator or tax consultant. Our consultants strive to be of the best service to you and are more than eager to help you with your accounting and aministrative questions.
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