Top Five Profitable Dutch Industries

Many international entrepreneurs establish their businesses in the Netherlands to benefit from the many offered advantages. The strategic location of the Netherlands provides access to many western European customers and the country boasts the biggest port on the continent: Rotterdam. The tax system offers numerous advantages for businesses in various sectors. Below is a description of the top five profitable industries currently suitable for opening a Dutch company.

1. Agriculture

The country is rated second in the global export of agricultural products and foods after the United States, mainly due to the adoption of innovative methods in the field. In 2015 local agricultural producers reported an unprecedented increase in food export reaching almost 82.5 billion Euro. Our lawyers can assist you in applying for the necessary licenses to open a company in the agriculture business.

2. Energy

The Netherlands is the top producer of green energy and gas in Europe. The gas technologies it uses are among the most developed in the world. International investors planning to open businesses in this sector can take advantage of different dedicated governmental programmes. Our Dutch lawyers can provide you with more information on the subsidies offered by the country in the field of energy.

3. Information Technology (IT)

The local legislation is favourable for investors planning to open IT companies in the country. Their businesses can take advantage of different governmental incentives granted in the field of high technology. Our law firm can help you obtain the necessary license for opening an Information Technology company in the Netherlands.

4. Logistics

The huge volume of goods in transport worldwide has had a significant effect on the Dutch logistics sector. Currently, the country is among the most advanced logistic centres on a global scale. Therefore setting up a company operating in the field of logistics will bring significant profits. Our firm can assist you with setting up a logistics company in the Netherlands.

5. Creative sector

The creative industry is turning into a lucrative ground for investment in the country. International entrepreneurs are welcome to open companies operating in the field of architecture, design and online gaming. Our Dutch lawyers can give you details on the requirements for opening such a company.

If you would like to set up a Dutch business, you can get in touch with our local attorneys to receive legal assistance.

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