Business opportunities in The Netherlands




Are you interested in finding business opportunities in The Netherlands?

We can provide you with detailed information and comprehensive services for setting up a Dutch company. Our team is made up of specialists that will make sure you do not miss your business opportunities in Netherland.
The country is famous with its convenient administrative infrastructure facilitating the starting of a new business in Netherlands.

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legal forms of business in the netherlands

The local Chamber of Commerce or KvK (Kamer van Koophandel) allows you to quickly seize your business opportunities in Netherland without having to go through complicated procedures. It also keeps a huge amount of resources and information, both in English and Dutch, intended to assist the owners of new businesses. 


a business established by one person

vennootschap onder firma

VOF – partnership

besloten vennootschap

BV – private company

Conducting business in the Netherlands

The local tax office called Belastingdienst offers tax breaks for starting business opportunities in Netherlands. Recently the government has simplified the requirements for business owners and entrepreneurs are now allowed to register private businesses with a much smaller capital as compared to previous years. Many people decide to seek business opportunities in Netherlands thanks to the good organization in the country and its high business etiquette and culture. 

Forming a company from abroad?

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