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Starting A Business In Europe Can Be Difficult.

It may require knowledge of local tax regulations, business ethics, customs, and language. As well as knowledge of factors such as politics, infrastructure, and geography. Essential knowledge in order to grow successfully and create a sound basis for your business.

Practical local knowledge is a crucial matter for anyone who is wanting to start a business abroad. Starting with the basics: a VAT number, permits, banking, licenses and immigration. To handle your affairs smoothly, timely and professionally without making unnecessary costs. What you need is a consultant that speaks your language, understands you, knows what you need for your business and can translate this into reality under the local customs.

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A Trusted Legal Partner

A trusted partner is the foundation for a successful establishment abroad. ICS understands this and will provide you with the resources, knowledge and contacts. ICS will take care financial, legal and local civil matters. We incorporate businesses in practically all of the global financial centres for entrepreneurs who have international ambitions and who look for optimal business and tax conditions.

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Starting A Business In The Netherlands

It will take 2 weeks on average in order to legalize and finalize the process of helping an entrepreneur start a business in the Netherlands. All documentation is handled in both Dutch and English and the shareholders can provide us with Power of Attorney to take care of the necessary filing. We can assist with the opening of a bank account if the investor has a social security number, but we are able to apply for a social security number in your authority if this is not the case. The company formation can be performed remotely, but keep in mind that a personal visit is required for banking. A local office is necessary for registering your firm

However expedited procedures are possible in which we can assist in incorporations within 3 days.

The Netherlands is known for its accessibility when it comes to the rest of Europe and you can visit virtually any country from here. This provides for many opportunities as new trade routes and investments beyond the Dutch borders can be established.  It cultivates a competitive atmosphere and has a friendly business setting.

The country has maintained the 20th position as the largest economy in the world and it is due to its powerful economic growth and strong transportation infrastructure.
The Dutch workforce is stable, well-educated and fully bilingual, making it easy for recruitment purposes and dealing with other cultures.
We will be able to assist you with aspects such as annual filing, maintaining corporate files in the company, liquidation services and much more as part of our secretarial services. Accounting services can be arranged as well.

Foreign Entrepreneurs

We can assist you starting your Europe company formation as well as with the residency procedures:







Starting A Business In Germany

A German company takes about 14 days to be fully functional and legal set-up due to the foreign nature of the documentation. We will be able to assist you with name registration at the Chamber of Commerce, the acquiring of Power of Attorney if need be, acquiring and attending to the notarial deeds of the company, and assisting in preparing the articles of association. The whole procedure usually can be performed remotely, no visit required.

Germany has been known as the powerhouse of Europe and is currently the largest economy on the continent. It makes up about 22% of the GDP of the Euro zone and it has access to over 454 million consumers.
Products made in Germany are always associated with excellent quality and workmanship.
Germany is situated in a very central location, with Western European markets on one side and the prospering Central and Eastern European markets on the other.
We will be able to assist you with setting up a UG (German Ltd.) or a GmbH type company. We can assist as well with the incorporation of other legal entities, but these are not recommended without personalized advisory in case-by-case bases.
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