Do you need a corporate accounting service Netherlands?

Our tax specialists in the Netherlands can offer complete accounting services and provide many you other financial solutions, whether a legal entity or a natural person. ICS finance professionals are able to help small businesses, such as sole traders, but they are also able to offer professional accounting and bookkeeping services to multinational corporations. Among the most frequently used accounting services offered by the ICS accounting firm include:

• Assistance with Dutch tax registration and compliance - businesses of all sizes in the Netherlands must be registered for tax purposes and submit various financial documentation, according to their structure as a legal entity;
• Advice on the fiscal framework in the Netherlands
• Filing annual accounts – our tax specialists in the Netherlands can help you gain a full understanding of the timetable for submitting the necessary financial documents and tax returns;
• Payroll and annual statements the Netherlands must submit annual statements;
• Financial advice on the management of a company in the Netherlands – this is a major factor which has a significant influence on the success of a company.

What do I need to know about the Dutch corporate accounting system?

Bookkeeping forms one part of the accounting system in the Netherlands and this broadly refers to the procedure and methods used to register all the necessary financial operations of a business, in accordance with the relevant law. Bookkeeping is a key part of the Dutch accounting system and must be completed with the applicable procedures, and ICS can advise you about these.

People who are interested in starting a business in the Netherlands or those who intend to expand an international company on the local market should be aware that bookkeeping is required to keep track of all the business records that are entered throughout the financial year. This coincides with the calendar year in the Netherlands.

Bookkeeping procedures must follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which acts for accounting procedures adopted at the level of the European Union. However, when it comes to small businesses registered in the Netherlands, accounting principles and bookkeeping procedures can vary to some extent.

A small company in the Netherlands, for example, can opt to comply with the Dutch Civil Code (Book 2), the Dutch Accounting Standards for small entities or medium-sized companies, or the IFRS principles blended with sections of the Dutch Accounting Standards. At ICS, our team of tax specialists can provide advice on the best accounting principles for your business. You should also be aware that the accounting regulations are set out by the Dutch Accounting Standard Board, the primary regulatory organisation in the sector.

How should bookkeeping be done in the Netherlands?

Bookkeeping provides a complete record of the businesses' financial circumstances and, therefore, the methods and procedures used by any accountant should be able to give a coherent picture of the firm’s transactions and its fiscal status at a precise moment. The rules surrounding bookkeeping procedures in the Netherlands stipulate that the financial data submitted by a business must be reliable, clear and comparable - and these are statutory requirements.

Moreover, all bookkeeping documents must be completed in accordance with the accounting principles of this country. Business owners should also be aware that the bookkeeping procedures vary according to the legal entity of the company.

If you are interested in operating a company in the Netherlands and need professional accounting services, contact ICS. Our team of finance specialists is on hand to deliver expert accounting and bookkeeping services in the Netherlands.

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