Dutch business operations

Headquarters in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a strategic central location with respect to the largest markets in Europe. The country is a veritable magnet for foreign businesses and firmly holds its place among the leading sites for regional or European headquarters. In this respect particularly the conurbation of Western Holland offers enough space and locations.

The Netherlands is recognized for its business supporting environment, international orientation, superior technology infrastructure & logistics, and highly qualified workforce. It is among the most dynamic industrial and trading hubs in the EU, offering companies the perfect atmosphere for successful competition in Europe.

Distribution and logistics

The Netherlands is 6th in the global rating for overall performance in logistics. It is a centre for international distribution and logistics operations. Actually the country hosts more European centres of distribution than its major neighbours combined.

The national infrastructure for transportation and logistics in combination with the presence of first-class providers of logistic services is a significant asset to businesses intending to start international distribution/logistics operations on the European continent.

Start-up in Holland

Holland is internationally recognized for its welcoming culture and highlight on innovation and entrepreneurship. The country has developed a collaborative, vibrant start-up ecosystem. As a matter of fact, Holland is rated first in the European Union for its business climate for start-ups, according to EDF’s report for 2016.

Ranked fourth in the European Union in the 2018 edition of the Innovation Scoreboard, Holland hosts more than 10 major innovation hubs, offering start-ups excellent incubators and facilities for Research and Development (R&D). The country grants residence permits valid for 1 year to ambitions entrepreneurs intending to start innovative companies locally.

Dutch R&D

Holland is an R&D hub fostering innovations fuelled by dedicated supportive tax credits, top research institutes and numerous strategic partnerships of the government with scientific and industrial organizations.

The global index for innovation (2018) puts Holland in the 2nd place in the list of most innovative countries worldwide. The country has consistent high scores in fields like creative outputs, business sophistication, technology and knowledge outputs, and Foreign Direct Investment net outflows.

Sales and marketing

With its flourishing creative industry, Holland is very attractive for foreign sales and marketing operations and hosts divisions of large multinational corporations. Its strategic location on the European continent offers instant access to the most profitable markets in the EU. Furthermore, the availability of international talent allows foreign companies to advertise their products and services to an extensive range of clients worldwide.

Data centres in The Netherlands

Holland is rated among the best wired states worldwide and boasts a particularly advanced market for operations related to data centres. Approximately a third of the data centres in Europe are situated in the area of Amsterdam and benefit from the services of AMS-IX, the biggest internet exchange in the world. The national Datacenter Association confirms that almost all key digital economy players have establishments in Holland with head offices and equipment. Currently 20% of the foreign investments in the country are motivated by digital operations.

The national telecommunication network is among the best in the world in terms of reliability, quality and speed. Also the mild local climate and the robust cluster for renewable energy production provide affordable and sustainable options for the establishment of energy efficient date centres.

Service centres

Holland’s convenient geographic location, well developed infrastructure for transport and telecommunication and open service-oriented mindset provide the perfect environment for establishment or consolidation of centres for shared services on the European continent.

As a European multilingual hotspot, Holland boasts a skilled, productive and diverse labour force. The country’s cultural amenities, high living standard and comparatively low living costs allow corporations to easily attract skilled personnel and expats to their shared services centres.


The well qualified engineering workforce in the Netherlands, as well as the developed supplier collaboration network offer significant advantages for manufacturers intending to start or move their operations to Europe.

As a matter of fact, big multinational corporations active in a variety of industries, from life sciences and agriculture/food to IT, chemicals and maritime industry, already have manufacturing operations in progress in Holland.

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