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Dutch BV company (“besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid” in Dutch) is a limited liability private company. It is similar to the GmbH in Germany, the LLC in the USA and the Ltd in the UK.

The BV is a legal entity with an equity that consists of easily transferable shares. The shareholders are not held personally responsible for the overall company’s debts. The legislation does not require the possession of any particular assets in order to register a BV. The only necessary prerequisite is to have an official local address.

We can assist you / your firm in Dutch B.V. formation (a one-time fee of EUR 1050).

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Documents required for Dutch BV company formation

In case of personal director(s) and shareholder(s), each person must provide the following documents:

A copy of passport

Utility Bill of registered address

Recent as two months, e.g. electricity bill

Documents required for Dutch BV company formation

In case the owners or management are legal entities (companies), we must be provided with the following documents:

Extract (original) from the commercial registry of the country of formation.

This document should mention the UBO’s, the director, shareholder(s). If this is not the case, we require an official notary’s statement in the country that states the identity and the legal capacity of the company’s director(s). In case the director / a director is a legal entity, then we require an original extract for this company from the commercial register of the country of formation. At least one of the directors must be a physical person;

Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Incorporation deed (copy)

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