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Do you need assistance with a Dutch company formation?

If so, you have found the right party to assist you for this purpose. Our team is a Dutch company formation service provider. We have strong references from businesses and entrepreneurs. We have helped many entrepreneurs through the process of Dutch company formation.

Below is a list of the Dutch company formation services that we offer.

  • Registration of a BV (takes 2-5 work days)
  • Applying for a company account at a Dutch bank (Read more)
  • Registering for social security and obtaining a number. The social security number is used for the application for a bank account for the company
  • Personal assistance throughout the year. This includes applying for a company bank account and registering for social security
  • Obtaining a value-added tax number

In case you wish to benefit from all services listed above, our package offer for your first year could give you an interesting discount.

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The yearly personal assistance includes:

  • Additional local substance (handy for the value added tax registration)
  • Translation of letters to/from Dutch
  • Support when traveling abroad
  • Registration for social security and obtaining a number
  • Timely preparation of the company’s paperwork
  • A single contact person in the organization
  • Forget about penalties: all necessary papers will be forwarded to the authorities on time

The process of Dutch company formation can be completed from a distance. All you need to do is send us the relevant documents.

Additional Services for Dutch Company

Our Dutch company formation service also offers the following services for your Dutch company:

Accounting services

Information on immigration

Business plan preparation

Forming a company from abroad? Contact us

In case you are willing to establish a company in the country, please, email us at info@businessforimmigrants.nl. We offer special promotion packages for new clients!