How the Dutch design & tech industry go hand in hand

The way we do business has changed significantly during the past few decades. Where there were once only physical stores, you can now shop for almost every imaginable trinket online. Artists have also started to offer their skills on the web, via websites, social media or international platforms like Etsy. One interesting development that clearly stands out, is that design is just as important as functionality nowadays.

One of the best examples to illustrate this is the smartphone we all use on a daily basis. Next to being chock-full of options that were once all separate devices (think in the likes of roadmaps, telephones, buzzers, the post office and gaming consoles), a modern day telephone also needs to be thin, sleek and slim. So it’s no wonder at all there are more and more companies that focus on both aspects.

The Netherlands is an excellent country for pioneering entrepreneurs

If you are active within one of these two areas, it might be extremely beneficial for you to open a branch office in the Netherlands or even move your company here: the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovation and design. The World Intellectual Property Organization awarded Holland with the 4th place worldwide in terms of innovative ideas and concepts, only preceded by Sweden, the US and Switzerland. You will have an ample amount of interesting sectors to choose from, highly accredited technical and art educational institutions like the TU Delft and the KABK and a vast array of pioneering freelancers to assist you with growing your business.

Design and services make up around 75% of the Dutch GDP

Designing services and technology both hold a strong position in relation to the Dutch GDP. Design can be subdivided in several different sectors like product development, strategic design, graphic design and comparable subjects. All of these together create a yearly turnover of around 200 million euro, whilst export products add up to 5 billion euro. Every year this sector grows a few %, also due to some interesting foreign startups and investments.

Opportunities in the Netherlands for your design or tech company

You will find a lot of tech opportunities in Holland, in the form of interesting international cooperations between professionals, freelancers and students. From universities like TU Delft and Universiteit Wageningen, both known for their innovative and excellent programs, concepts and graduates. You will find a lot of pilot projects aimed at the innovation of tech products, medical products and supplies but also experimental and completely new services and products.

The design sector is just as popular and flourishing. Especially cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam offer you an excellent base of operations for your tech or design startup or company, with an amazing digital infrastructure, an open and artsy startup scene, lots of international talent and an ample amount of galleries and pop-up galleries to showcase your work. These two sectors work well together in social innovations like living labs and open work spaces, business models that include various different methods and partnerships that literally cross industries.

Intercompany Solutions can aid you in establishing your business in Holland

If you have an innovative idea and would like to take action, Holland is one of the best places to start. You will find that the Netherlands offer you huge benefits in terms of innovation, but also in more general and practical ways like low tax rates, an excellent bilingual workforce and a fantastic infrastructure with Rotterdam and Amsterdam never more than a moderate drive away. We can help you with registering a company in the Netherlands in just a few business days. We can also assist you with any questions you might have, just give us a call for more information.

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