Setting up an e-commerce business in the Netherlands can be profitable in several ways

The e-commerce business has seen an extremely rapid worldwide increase during the past decades. Since the beginning of global internet access, an almost infinite amount of doorways has opened for entrepreneurs to sell and make money online. Of course this also means the retail business has seen a massive overhaul, as many products and services are nowadays bought online. For example; in the Netherlands the e-commerce business has seen a growth from 16 billion to 26 billion in 2018 alone.

It has also seen a growth of almost 25% during the past four years. Some companies like and are almost a staple nowadays, as a large portion of the population orders many daily products and appliances via these channels. All in all your chances of starting a successful e-commerce business in the Netherlands are very high, provided you come up with a solid business plan and idea.

The Netherlands: entrepreneurs in e-commerce

Next to web shops that sell products and appliances, the Netherlands also created some interesting niches within this sector. In 2016 the Dutch company did an IPO and the result was a valuation of the staggering amount of 1.3 billion euro. Ordering food via the internet has become a normalcy since then, which is quite an accomplishment.

Upcoming trend in the Dutch e-commerce market

Since the e-commerce business especially is continuously changing, your chances to dive right in with your idea are always fluid. Here are some trends that are foreseeable in the near future:

  • One of the main focal point is access via mobile phones. A lot of online shoppers have become used to mobile shopping, which allows clients access to your shop 24/7 since mobile phones don’t need Wi-Fi-access anymore. This might potentially double the number of mobile online purchases, if you focus on a good and fluid mobile experience.
  • A lot of companies are also focusing on a nearly Google-like search option within their web shops, which allows the client to search more thoroughly for products. This is fancily named augmented shopping, since it’s quite akin to an AI experience.
  • There is also a focus on content marketing as opposed to interruption marketing, which in essence means that relevance becomes a bigger aspect of shopping.
  • AI also creates a more personal experience, for example via the use of chatbots that can answer most questions without the need to hire customer service personnel.
  • One of the most important competitive factors is same day delivery. This is something you could use to set apart your e-commerce business from the rest.

Intercompany Solutions can offer you advice every step of the way

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