The Netherlands: An Attractive Destination for Investors

The Netherlands has a rare combination of characteristics that encourage international investments and form the country as a competitive and highly popular business centre.

Holland is strategically located in Western Europe, allowing investors to establish suitable bases for their shipping and trade operations. Furthermore, the outstanding infrastructure and accessibility make the country an extremely popular destination for European, American and Asian investors who have opted for setting up an office in the Netherlands.

Advantageous taxation principles

The tax system in the Netherlands offers international investors a 15% income tax for profits up to EUR 245 000 per year and 25% for amounts exceeding this threshold. It also ensures certainty and clarity regarding future tax liabilities. Investors can take advantage of certain benefits related to royalties, interests, debts, taxation of dividends and loss structuring. Holland offers various investment deductions and tax reliefs. A special tax regime called “innovation box” provides for preferential tax rates for income generated as a result of the development of intellectual property. Furthermore, freight companies benefit from a tonnage tax regime.

Holland has concluded numerous treaties for the avoidance of double taxation (>95 agreements). Therefore entities deriving income from Holland and a country that has signed a double tax treaty with Holland can be taxed using preferential rates.

Sound legal and financial systems

In addition to the abovementioned tax benefits, the Netherlands has a straightforward legal system allowing international investors to efficiently deal with legal issues arising from different transactions, e.g. patent/trademark or tax. Judgements from other countries can be enforced in Holland under specific conditions. As an EU member, Holland conforms to all European laws relevant to trade and business.

The area of Amsterdam hosts numerous globally acknowledged financial institutions and banks. Various banks have established branches in Holland, thus contributing to the good financial climate. Many investors of private equity and managers of trust funds have chosen the Netherlands as their base of operations.

Highly educated labour force

In case you intend to establish a business in the Netherlands, you are free to choose from different types of companies. If your scope of activities includes shared services, customer care or distribution/logistics, Holland is the perfect choice as it offers an unparalleled business environment for such operations.

Furthermore, Holland’s workforce is among the most qualified, motivated and flexible in the world. Most Dutch employees have good knowledge of two foreign languages, so they are a perfect match for foreign companies in any industry sector.

Great logistics and infrastructure

The Netherlands is a popular European destination for companies thanks to its superb transportation network. The country boasts the largest port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam, and the best European airport for transport of cargo, Schiphol Airport.

As regards innovation and technology, Holland has made investments in e-commerce, communications, outsourcing and high-speed digital systems for communication and internet. The country has adopted the latest cell phone and computer technologies, creating ideal conditions for companies needing modern technologies for their operations.

If you intend to establish a Dutch company and take advantage of the opportunities for business offered by the country, please, contact our local agents in company formation. They will assist you in completing the necessary procedures.

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