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Are you looking for local experts in the Netherlands corporate registry to help you incorporate a Netherlands BV. You are visiting the correct page. Our firm has the appropriate expertise to assist with your company registration at the Netherlands corporate registry.

When establishing a business or a legal entity you need to register it at the local Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce (abbreviated KvK from Kamer van Koophandel). Any entity providing goods or services to clients and generating profit from this activity is defined as a business. If you would like to make a new entry in the Netherland corporate registry or register a company established abroad, our experts can provide you with the necessary assistance. Read more on registering a company in the Netherlands.

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Advantages Of Dutch Corporate Registry

The Dutch corporate registry requires a valid Dutch business Address, this brings many benefits and the most popular reason to opt for registration in the Netherlands is the local system of taxation. The country has developed an extensive network of tax treaties worldwide. Perhaps the most attractive characteristic is the 15% corporate tax for profit up to 395 000 EUR.

Its rate increases to 25.8% for amounts above this threshold. The value-added tax authorities in the Netherlands are generally open to constructive discussions regarding your tax status. They are willing to prepare Advance Agreements on Pricing and/or Tax Rulings to mitigate the issue of uncertainty for the liabilities of companies included in the Netherlands corporate registry. Please, contact us straight away if you need more information on the matter.

Registering A BV Company In The Netherlands Corporate Registry

The most popular company type for foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is the Dutch ”BV company”. The Dutch BV company is comparable to a Limited company. The BV has it’s own legal rights and the owners and directors are not liable for the actions of the BV company. The BV company may be formed with as little as a €1 share capital deposit. The BV company is also known as ”Flex BV”, this has to do with the regulations that came into affect on 1 October 2012, making it easier to open a BV company.

To register a BV, you would need a Netherlands incorporation agent to assist you with the matter. The incorporation agent is specialized in working with foreign entrepreneurs and the particularities of forming a Dutch BV as a foreigner. The incorporation agent has to perform due diligence on the client, identify him and prepare incorporation forms. The incorporation forms will be certified by a notary public and published in the Netherlands company registrar. When the company registrar has the information for the new BV company and will publish this immediately on the ”handelsregister” website.

The BV is fully incorporated when the notary has passed the deed, the company registrar has published the information in it’s registry and the shareholders have paid up the share capital to the BV company bank account.

Video explainers on the Dutch BV. See our videos:

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What Is The Use Of Registering In The Company Registrar?

For most businesses it is required by law to perform a registration with the company registrar. The company registrar is also known as Chamber of Commerce or ”Kamer van Koophandel” in Dutch. For requesting a VAT number, opening a bank account or performing any official company action, your company needs to be registered with the Chamber of commerce.

On the website of the Chamber of Commerce, you can download an extract of your company registration. The company extract will show information on your company address, the director(s), contact information and trade names.

Many banks and other big institutions have access to (parts) of the database of the Chamber of Commerce through their company information systems. This means that you can only open a bank account, after your registration at the Chamber of Commerce is completed. The BV share capital can be paid after the bank account is opened.

You can only open a bank account, after your registration at the Chamber of Commerce is completed. The BV share capital can be paid after the bank account is opened.

How Can Intercompany Solutions Assist You

We have assisted hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs from over 50 different nationalities. Our clients range from small one-person startups to multinational corporations. Our processes are aimed at the foreign entrepreneur, we know the most practical ways to assist with your company registration.

We can assist with the full package of company registration in the Netherlands:

Opening of a local bank account

Application for VAT or EORI number

Startup assistance

Accounting services

Tax services


Intercompany Solutions CEO Bjorn Wagemakers and client Brian Mckenzie are featured in a report for The National (CBC News) ‘Dutch Economy braces for the worst with Brexit’, in a visit to our notary public on 12 February 2019.

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