How the Netherlands can aid UK start-ups and investors

It has become pretty clear that Brexit has had various effects on businesses currently situated in the UK. A lot of major companies and organizations are already moving their headquarters elsewhere, in order to stay involved with the EU and all its associated benefits. This also means that many start-ups and investors are looking for alternatives to their original plans of starting a UK business. Are you on the lookout for a suitable new location? Then the Netherlands might just be exactly what you are searching for.

Deal or no deal: the UK is withdrawing

The fact that the UK will soon no longer be part of the EU means that businesses situated in the UK will also feel the consequences. In the case of a deal there might be several agreements to stabilize international relations, but the fact still remains that your business probably won’t benefit from all EU regulations anymore.

When there will be no deal, the whole situation becomes even more severe. Without any mutual agreements, the UK basically stands alone. This will be felt in the business sector on various levels, from international trade to customs affairs. There are many different scenarios and every single one of these possibilities definitely involves some kind of restriction for UK companies. Why? Because you will no longer be seen as an EU-member.

Consequences of your company being ‘cut off’ from the EU

The EU offers many benefits for its member states, which are especially beneficial for entrepreneurs and investors. This includes factors like the single market, healthy competition, substantially reduced paperwork, free movement of people, goods and services, harmonized standards and so on. The EU offers you the possibility to trade in a very large market without customs, import taxes nor a long list of complicated regulations. Once Brexit is finalized, you might lose some (or even all) of these benefits. Suffice to say, this will have a negative impact on the flexibility, adaptability and overall success of your (future) business.

How to avoid this? Move your start-up or business to the Netherlands

You definitely won’t be the first! According to The Guardian, the Dutch government states that more than 250 UK companies have already made the move to Holland. The Netherlands supposedly has gained almost 2000 new jobs due to Brexit.[1] These companies are active in several key industries and sectors, such as the health sector, the creative industry, financial services and the logistics sector.[2] Some well-known names that have already established their headquarters in the Netherlands include Sony and Panasonic, Discovery Channel and Bloomberg.

How to proceed with moving your business to the Netherlands?

If you want to know exactly what your options are, contact us immediately. Intercompany Solutions can assist you every step of the way, whether you already own a company or are planning to start a business in the Netherlands. Don’t miss out on all the benefits Holland has to offer and take action now, while you are still in the position to go through the procedure as an EU-citizen.

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