How To Open a Dutch Bank Account

Owners of businesses in the Netherlands, including non-residents and immigrants, have to open a Dutch bank account to manage their income and obtain access to different bank services.

Many Netherlands banks open corporate and personal accounts. Service packages can include the benefits of mobile and online banking, extra features and banking advice.

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands

Opening a corporate bank account is mandatory in order to set up a business in the Netherlands. The account is necessary for completing different business transfers and transactions. A bank reference with the history of transactions is also required for the annual financial statement.

Persons employed locally can also open accounts in Dutch banks to their benefit. Their salaries can be transferred directly to the accounts, payments are easier and international money transfers are possible.

The procedure for opening a bank account is simple, especially for personal accounts. Most banks can complete the first steps automatically with the help of an application form available online.

Foreign residents who face difficulties opening an account due to lack of knowledge of the Dutch language can contact our lawyers for assistance. Our teams are able to prepare a power of attorney allowing a particular person to open/manage an account on behalf of business owners who cannot be present in the Netherlands.

Documents needed for opening a Dutch bank account

If you want to open your account personally, you have to present a number of documents to the branch you plan to work with. A personal identification card/passport and a Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN) (issued upon registration at the municipality) are among the required documents. A contract for employment and a personal or Dutch business address is required.

The papers required for opening a corporate bank account can vary. Documents such as the Business Registration Certificate of the company will also need to be presented.

If you have any questions with respect to corporate banking, please, contact our law firm in the Netherlands. Our team can offer you a wide range of solutions and consultancy with regard to working and living in the country.

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