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Are You Interested In Opening A Business In The Netherlands?

Opening a business in The Netherlands seems complicated if you are not a resident of the country and you have no knowledge of the language. This, however, should not prevent you from seizing the opportunity to expand your business activities. Read here for more information on how to open a Netherlands business. Our team of experts can help you to register and develop your business in the country.

We have helped many international entrepreneurs to go through the procedure for opening a business in The Netherlands. Our team can provide guidance with respect to the local rules, subsidies, and permits.

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Open A Dutch Company As A Foreigner

At first, you might not be certain what legal form is the best for your business activities. We can assist you by explaining the nature of all liabilities and taxes that come with the different types of entities in case you opt for opening a business in the Netherlands.
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Is The Netherlands The Best Choice?

Private enterprises are at the foundation of the local economy. Many small/medium firms called MKB (Midden en Klein bedrijf) prefer opening business in the Netherlands.

International organizations, e.g. United Nations, World Bank, WTO, call them “Small and Medium Enterprises” (SMEs or SMBs for businesses). They are commonly abbreviated as SMEs in the EU.

The country appreciates the contributions of these private business owners to the overall economy and provides incentives with respect to opening business in the Netherlands. In 1996 the Ministerie van Economische Zaken (dealing with economic affairs) engaged in an initiative to support SMBs in order for them to enter the market of export and created a lucrative climate for smaller companies.
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