Obtain a Self-Employed Dutch Visa

In line with the Dutch legislation on immigration, independent entrepreneurs who would like to start a business in the Netherlands first need to obtain a Netherlands residence permit for self-employed individuals. The same Dutch self-employed visa is required for freelancers and people who would like to practice a profession in the country.

How to qualify for the Dutch self-employed visa?

Entrepreneurs who want to obtain a Netherlands self-employed visa need to receive a certain number of points. The point system was established in 2006 with the purpose to attract international entrepreneurs who can contribute significantly to the local economy.

Self-employed American and Japanese citizens do not need to obtain points for the Dutch residence permit because their countries have special agreements signed with the Netherlands. We have a team of experts in Dutch immigration who can provide you with further details regarding these agreements.

The scoring system includes the following elements:

  • Personal experience, including education, work experience, yearly income from previous jobs, years of practice in entrepreneurship, work experience with or in the country;
  • Business plan, including financing, organization and market analysis;
  • Added value for the Dutch economy in terms of innovation, generation of jobs or future investments.

A local immigration lawyer can give you more information on the point evaluation system.

The 1-year start-up Dutch visa

Since the start of 2015 foreign citizens can qualify for a permit for entrepreneurship, issued just for one prep year.

The authorities in the Netherlands know that many owners of new businesses are unable to comply straight away with all criteria for issue of a residence permit for self-employed. Therefore, this start-up visa was introduced. It enables non-residents to work and live in the Netherlands for a preparatory year. In this period they collaborate with business facilitators in order to achieve compliance of the start-up with the requirements for obtaining a regular visa for self-employed persons.

Read more on the Dutch start-up visa. 

If you would like to obtain a Self-employed Dutch visa, you can contact our local consultants on immigration. We can also provide you with information and assist you in applying for the Dutch highly skilled migrant program.

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