Setting Up A Company In The Netherlands

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Are You Interested In Setting Up A Company In The Netherlands?

Your company can be considered as successfully established in the Netherlands after you sign the card and have the power of attorney legalized (by an officer certified for document legalization, such as a notary).

It is not as complicated as it looks to set up a company in the Netherlands if you find the appropriate local assistants. 

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Requirements To Set Up A Company

In order to set up a company in the Netherlands, you need to fulfill the requirements below:
Choose the appropriate entity
Provide all necessary documents specified in the text on company registration
Choose a company name that is available
Obtain a notarized power of attorney and a data card

Steps For Company Formation

After completing the above procedures, we will help you with the next mandatory steps of the process of company formation. They include application for:

A Social Security number

we can arrange an appointment with the authorities

An account at a Dutch bank

we can arrange an appointment at the office of the bank

A value added tax number

Last but not least, we have an assigned administrator who can answer any questions you may have with respect to VAT and other relevant matters.
The businessman puts a stamp on the contract

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