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The creative industry of the Netherlands is gaining international recognition and is famous for its achievements in the fields of interior design, architecture, gaming and fashion. Creative companies work on the development of exciting new services, products, systems, strategies, work methods and ideas. They have the ability to consider complex issues in new, refreshing ways. As a result, creative businesses develop superior innovations of popular and controversial services and products.

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The Dutch are not afraid of risks and unpredictable projects

The creative industries in the Netherlands embrace a quirky mentality whereby they welcome risks, rather than always count on safe choices. They go ahead with creative processes whose outcomes are difficult to predict. This has much to do with the creative thinking necessary to conceive, design and build applicable large-scale solutions for life in a region vulnerable to flooding. Dutch engineers, designers and architects are very talented and able to develop solutions in various fields, such as water security and urbanization. The creative industries are flexible: they use unconventional approaches, often collaborate in different areas and make important contributions in the search for solutions of societal issues, e.g. in the field of energy, safety and healthcare. They also catalyze the innovation processes in all sectors of the industry. Creative innovation can bring added value to various projects or products, regardless of the branch they come from.

Five astonishing facts about the creative industry in the Netherlands

Combining business and creativity

For hundreds of years, the creativity of the Dutch people has informed and inspired. The genius of Van Gogh and Rembrandt transformed our ways of perception. Contemporary Dutch masters include world-famous talents like the designers Viktor and Rolf, the illustrator and artist Dick Bruna and the architect Lucas “Rem” Koolhaas. They are prime examples of the strong sides of the signature Dutch design: pragmatism, open-mindedness, conceptuality, unconventional thinking and following the principles of minimalism. Dutch design embodies creativity, innovation and business intuition. It is a proof that creative thinking can bring business innovation, good competition and prosperity.

Pioneering in a variety of areas with national and global examples

Holland is famous with its pioneering design, architecture, television, music, fashion and gaming.

Rotterdam is a centre of urban design and architecture. Eindhoven is the technological centre of the Netherlands. Time Magazine dubbed its Design Academy, “The School of Cool”. Delft offers the oldest and largest academic industrial design program. Utrecht is proud with its Gaming Institute. The capital, Amsterdam is a multicultural centre of interactive design, fashion and communication and the ArtEZ Arts Institute in Arnhem is famous with its own Fashion Biennale. Many fashion designers enjoying international success are among its alumni.

Long-standing traditions in interior design

Holland has long-lived traditions in interior design. Gerrit Rietveld is a prime example with his furniture designs. One of the strengths of the Dutch school of design is visual communication and typography in particular. Famous examples are the design and signs at main airports like Schiphol in Amsterdam and JFK in New York.

Prestigious architecture worldwide

Architects from Holland have worked on a variety of prestigious projects, such as the Solomon Guggenheim Museum (Las Vegas), Governors Island (New York), the headquarters of Gazprom (Russia), the Public Library in Seattle and the Dalian Stadium (China). Holland is recognized for its characteristic integrated method of approach to building projects and urban development. Architectonic design is complemented by spatial design, while the social context and sustainability of the structures are also considered.

Original and popular television formats and an active industry for Online Gaming

Dutch television producers have occupied important positions in many global channels with their original formats. These include Big Brother, Idols, The Voice, So You Wanna be a Popstar and Hunt for Millions.

A main advantage of the gaming industry is the extensive adoption of mobile technologies and broadband (second highest internet broadband penetration rate in the world). Holland’s game market is among the most dynamic in Europe and accounts for 35% of the total spending. Holland is also a leader with respect to serious gaming, producing applications for industries, businesses and for educational purposes. The country is also pioneering in the field of popular dance events and dance music.

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