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Finding work as an ex-pat in the Netherlands can be hard. Starting your own recruitment agency is one answer to the problem, whether it's aimed at locals or internationals.

To start an employment agency, you need clients and temporary workers. But there are also many other practical matters that come your way. Read our guide on all you need to know to establish an employment agency.

Starting an employment agency
There are no special rules attached to starting an employment agency. The usual first step is to register with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce). You will be assigned a Chamber of Commerce number, after which the tax authorities will automatically assign you a VAT number.

Before you go to the Chamber of Commerce, it is important to write a business plan and to consider the following points for attention.

1. Target audience
Most start-up employment agencies choose a niche, for example, branches such as catering, healthcare or IT. Or just students. As a specialist, you are recognizable and reliable because of your professional knowledge. Moreover, you can build a network faster in one sector.

2. Company name
If possible, let your target audience come back to your company name. You want a company name that makes it clear what your employment agency stands for. Caroline's Employment Agency doesn't tell anyone anything, Student Employment Agency is much more informative. Moreover, you are easier to find on Google.

3. Domain name
It is advisable to choose a company name of which the domain name is also still available. Not only because of the uniformity and recognizability, but also because of the findability on Google.

4. Choose the legal form
To start an employment agency you can choose the legal form of a sole proprietorship, BV or general partnership. A sole proprietorship is obvious, but you are personally liable. In the unlikely event that you go bankrupt, you will also enter the ship privately.

If you expect high turnover, a BV is a good option to consider. Nowadays, it is very easy to set up a flex BV, you no longer need mandatory start-up capital. You are bound by more tax rules. This way, you have to pay yourself the usual wage.

If you are going on the adventure together with others, a general partnership is a good option.

Starting an employment agency from home
There is no need to immediately rent a large building at the start of your employment agency. You can initially just start from home.

Nowadays, there are many representative flex desks that you can rent for half-days, including all necessary materials. Here you can receive customers or hold meetings. It saves a lot of money, and you have the time to build up your company calmly.

Financing your employment agency
As a new employment agency, you need start-up capital. Apart from the usual operating costs such as a laptop, workspace, inventory and a company car, additional financing is required. You may also have to pre-finance the wages of your temporary workers.

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