Brainport Eindhoven: Ten solutions for IT and high-tech businesses

Brainport Eindhoven is a combination of high tech campuses and businesses. The collaboration between commercial entities and Universities providing theoretical knowledge has proven a fertile ground for innovation. Eindhoven is famous for its Eindhoven University of Technology. Eindhoven is also known for major technology companies based in Eindhoven, such as Philips and ASML.

A complete small-scale high technology infrastructure

Brainport Eindhoven attracts organizations and companies with a wide variety of technologies, top technical universities, popular Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers undertaking risk-bearing innovations, international knowledge institutions, high expenditure for Research and Development, student teams, start-ups, twenty thousand researchers, shared manufacturing facilities and R&D. This outstanding infrastructure offers all that technology and R&D organizations and companies need to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Many opportunities to commercialize knowledge

Brainport provides the perfect environment for organizations and companies to commercialize sophisticated products and technologies. The region has developed a comprehensive one-of-a kind technology ecosystem where more than 20 OEMs in the field of high technology work in close collaboration with knowledge institutes and suppliers and has become a lucrative market in its own right. Furthermore, by cooperating with prominent high-quality companies in the development of pilot projects used as showcase, Brainport Eindhoven has become a label of quality leveraging the reputation of businesses. Last but not least, Holland is perceived as a country of pilot projects by the EU, providing various facilities for acquisition of quality labels needed for entry on the market. Brainport can provide independent final verifications of product compliance with global standards in different fields. Thus the region provides the means for companies to establish themselves on international markets.

Cost/risk competitive manufacturing and R&D

Holland, and Brainport in particular, offers businesses and organizations the complete set of tools to perform cost/risk competitive manufacturing of high technologies and R&D. The region makes it possible to work in collaboration with various contract manufacturers of original equipment used to cooperating with giants such as Philips and ASML . They take full responsibility regarding the design and the life cycle of the product. Brainport Eindhoven also offers various R&D facilities as metered services. Thanks to this and the huge diversity of collaborators in prototype design and industrialization, even comparatively small companies have the opportunity to work flexibly on revolutionary technologies and share the involved risks. Furthermore production facilities, services and buildings can be shared flexibly to achieve outstanding cost efficiency.

Eindhoven: A fertile ground for technology and innovation spotting

Brainport has many incubator and accelerator programs and hosts Eindhoven UT, recognized for its partnerships with industry representatives and unparalleled expertise in valorization of knowledge. Therefore the region provides a fertile ground for development of spin-offs, start-ups and scale-ups. These companies make significant contributions to the unique power of innovation of Brainport and its high density of patents. Brainport is also famous with its multidisciplinary initiatives, cross-collaboration and diverse technologies and sectors leading to resourceful crossovers. This combination of factors makes Brainport a perfect region for the purposes of technology spotting.

Cooperation in technology development decreases the period to market

Holland’s technology-minded government and Brainport’s open platforms for research, supply chains, campuses, clusters, and multidisciplinary approach to work allow companies to take advantage from sharing of knowledge, mutual strengthening of core competences, efficient use of Research and Development budgets, risk sharing and product development and testing with potential customers in public areas. The path is open for development of revolutionary technologies at reduced costs that can be quickly released on the market.

Availability of brilliant IT and tech specialists

The outstanding reputation of companies established in Brainport and the knowledge and educational institutions in the region attract talents from around the globe. These acknowledged professionals are willing to contribute to the development of sophisticated top-class technologies. Therefore companies benefit from a large talent pool, including scientists, researchers, physicists, engineers, designers and developers excelling in their fields. Attractive campuses and properties like Strijp-S (a village concept) and the local High Technology Campus offer specialists a sustainable, dynamic working environment. The options for accommodation contribute to a great extent to the attractiveness of the region.

Active support in starting new High Tech businesses

In Brainport, Research and Development companies find everything necessary for a successful business: close collaboration, easily accessible platforms for research, joint innovation programs, open supply chains and attractive campuses. On these campuses, knowledge institutions and companies work together on particular technologies, high-technology clusters and networks, as well as on various events dedicated to technology. The campuses facilitate business development and help newcomers find their way in the region. Furthermore they offer international businesses special partnerships to let them try out the benefits and become a part of the high technology ecosystem. The development agency of the region, Brainport Development, provides full support in setting up a new business locally or finding suppliers and partners.

A creative symbiosis between citizens, industries and governments

Brainport Eindhoven has a technology-minded government, adaptive and innovative citizens, cooperating industry partners, pilot opportunities and living laboratories offering organizations and companies plenty of room for experimentation. The region presents opportunities to test new services and products in real life situations, thus adding value to the goods and ensuring that they meet the end-users’s needs. Brainport is ideal for development and implementation of smart services and products in close collaboration with potential customers in realistic settings. With such background, it is not surprising that the region is leading in the area of smart mobility and city concepts.

Partners and expertise for creation of unimaginable technologies

Brainport Eindhoven is a melting pot of high technology organizations and companies specializing in diverse fields. To them collaboration is a major instrument for development. The region hosts partners who have the abilities to develop, evaluate, prototype and manufacture systems beyond imagination with unparalleled efficiency. There are also private and public partners contributing to the development of a unique platform facilitating an efficient and broad technology roll out. Therefore in Brainport the process from the initial development of products to their introduction on the market is incredibly fast.

Stability, prosperity and international orientation

Holland is a prosperous and stable country that welcomes international business entrepreneurs: a veritable European gateway. Brainport Eindhoven has a strategic location, the largest Dutch airport after Schiphol, a multilingual well-educated workforce, outstanding digital infrastructure, and a growing and thriving international community. The region offers everything needed for a great quality of life.

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