Buying Dutch Company Shares

Investors who have decided to buy shares of Dutch companies are able to purchase them either directly or via a plan for dividend reinvestment. They can acquire the ownership shares of a particular company or implement a larger plan for stock investment in multiple companies.

Holland welcomes international investments and foreign companies are free to open headquarters in the country. The business climate is equally appropriate for making large investments and opening Dutch companies with the perspective to sell shares to investors from outside.

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Direct purchases of stocks in the Netherlands

A widely used method to purchase shares in Dutch companies is to deal directly with the entities issuing them. Big international corporations are among the most attractive businesses and most of them provide plans for direct purchase of stocks. One of the advantages of this mechanism is that commissions are avoided, even though a minimal deposit is usually required.

Stock purchase is beneficial for both the buyer and the issuing company. This is a way for investors to maximize their earning, while companies raise additional budget at reduced costs. Companies allowing direct purchase of shares publicize this information. Our Dutch agents specializing in company formation can assist you with details about local companies offering shares publicly and on the Euronext listings.

Purchasing shares in the Netherlands

There are two other options open for investors: to purchase stocks through a plan for dividend reinvestment or brokerage.

Some companies offer plans for reinvestment of dividends, allowing investors to reinvest the amounts accumulated in dividends by buying additional shares.

Brokerage is the other method to purchase Dutch company shares. This is a preferable option for entities that want their investments in Holland to be managed by experts. The extra management of accounts is more costly compared to other options.

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