Selling Dutch Company Shares

A Netherlands-based company may decide to sell shares due to the expansion of the business or as a plan to accumulate larger income. The acquired capital may be directed towards debt repayment or reinvestment in the business.

A Dutch company can sell or transfer shares only in accordance with the provisions of the Association Articles. Share transfers also require the preparation of notarial deeds. Companies can become public by entering the stock market and offering shares publicly. Only certain company types can use this option. Our Dutch experts in company formation can provide you with detailed information on the features of different commercial entities in the Netherlands.

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Selling company shares in Holland

Only some types of Dutch companies are able to sell shares publicly. NVs (public limited companies) can list their shares in the Stock Exchange. BVs (private companies with limited liability) do not have this option, as their shares are registered privately and cannot be transferred freely.

The best way to sell stocks for most Dutch public companies with limited liability is to go on the exchange market. In Holland company owners go public using Euronext.

Transfer of shares in Holland

In the Netherlands, registered shares are transferable through notarial deeds. The process must take place in the presence of a Latin notary. Any developments or limitations regarding the share transfer are noted in the association articles of the private or public Dutch company with limited liability.

Dutch companies can be acquired through purchases of shares or assets. The two mechanisms are different with respect to the transfer of liabilities. In share purchases, the buyers also acquire the obligations and responsibilities of the respective companies.

Our Dutch agents specializing in company formation will be happy to provide you with further information on buying and selling company shares, and on the possibilities open to investors.

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