starting a business in holland

Are you planning on starting a business in Holland?

We can assist you in starting up a business in Holland even if you are currently located elsewhere. You need to have a registered address and many business owners prefer having a Holland value added tax number and bank account. These prerequisites will allow your company to officially do business in Holland and issue invoices.

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Open a Holland company as a foreigner

Our firm has the necessary expertise to support you in starting a business in Holland.

Starting up a business is easy with our assistance.

Holland Business Services

Registration of a BV (takes 3-5 work days):

Expedited procedures are possible to form within 1 day
EUR 1050

Registering for social security, obtaining number:

To be used by the director for opening an account under the name of the company
EUR 145

income tax

Obtaining a value-added tax number (VAT ID):

EUR 295

Opening a company account at a Holland bank:

Read more on opening a Dutch bank accoun
EUR 495

Personal assistance for the whole year:

This includes bank account opening and registering for social security
EUR 1200

Accounting services:

from EUR 1200 a year

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If you need further details regarding a Holland business, do not hesitate to call us. We assure you that the price of our services for starting up a business in Holland is the best on the market.