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How to apply for Dutch EORI number

In the Netherlands, economic operators are identified by Customs by their EORI number. In other words, those who have to deal with Customs from a business perspective, for example by preparing a customs export or import declaration for goods, must be known to customs. This also applies to companies that have a Customs export or import declaration drawn up by, for example, a Customs agent, freight forwarder or logistics service provider. This declaration is made with an EORI number.

When do you need an EORI number?

An EORI number is required if you actually have contact with Customs. This is the case when a Customs declaration is independently filed, it is filed on your behalf, or you apply for a permit. This number (compiled or applied for by Customs) is activated when it is included in the Customs declaration. An EORI number is therefore essential for import- and export firms based in The Netherlands.

How can I look up an EORI number?
You can check another person's EORI number online via this link. This handy tool allows you to look up the EORI number of another person and check whether it is valid and actually exists.
Check EORI number

The Eori number code
The main component of this number already has a company in-house, namely the RSIN or BSN.
The EORI number consists of the letters NL + the RSIN (or BSN) and includes a 9-digit number in addition to the two letters NL. If the RSIN (or BSN) consists of less than 9 digits, this must be completed with zeros before the RSIN (or BSN) to the number of 9 digits (for example NL000123456). This whole forms the EORI number.

How can I apply for an EORI number?
Our tax specialists can assist you with requesting an EORI number for your firm. Our firms has completed dozens of successful EORI number applications for foreign entrepreneurs. Contact us for more information on requesting an EORI number.

EORI number at headquarters and branches
The EORI number is only linked to the head office (legal unit). The business units (branches) do not receive an EORI number. Branches use the EORI number of the head office. This also applies to branches from the other Member States.

EORI number at headquarters in another Member State
A company with a recognized permanent establishment that is not established in the Netherlands can obtain a Dutch EORI number. This should be evident from the fact that the Foreign Department of the Dutch Tax Authorities has assigned a tax number. It is then a self-contained entity.

EORI number at headquarters in a third country
A company established in a third country must have an EORI number if, for example, it wants to make a customs' declaration. The EORI number will also be issued in the Member State where it is intended to do this for the first time.

EORI number and representation
A company established in a third country without a recognized permanent establishment in the Netherlands can have a Customs declaration made in the Netherlands. This can be done by an authorized Customs agent or forwarder based on an Indirect Representation Authorization. The EORI number of this Customs agent or forwarder is mentioned in the declaration.

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